Represented by the following galleries:

Calypso Gallery Academy of Art            Abilene, Texas

 Carpenter's Fine Art Gallery        Tuscola, Texas

325-554-7702 Fax

Weiler House Fine Art          Ft Worth, Texas

Prints by Barry Norris Studio 

 Taos, New Mexico

 Framing by Abilene Frame and Art

 Abilene, Texas

Photo by Andrea Schuler

Abilene, Texas

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Patty Rae is a working artist living in Abilene, Texas. She and her two partners, Linda Stricklin and Mary Haan own and operate Calypso Gallery and Academy of art where they also maintain a studio and classroom for teaching various art mediums. They are open by chance or by appointment. Send a message if you are interested in classes or a visit. They love having people drop in  when they are there. 

"I strive for making art that is expressive and thought-provoking with sweeping lines, layers of color and texture. I paint in silence so that there are no outside influences. I shut out the rest of the world and am totally immersed in my thoughts about the  canvas and the paint in front of me.  My goal is to paint something that is pleasing to the eye and fun to figure out and once in a while, a portrait or two."  Patty Rae


 "My earliest memory of drawing is of around the age of three years old. I remember drawing my grandmothers goldfish. It's a vivid memory. I'm the oldest of the grandchildren. I was sitting alone at the coffee table and I remember the adults were sitting in the kitchen area. I can't remember anything anyone said but, I remember my thinking. I was drawing circles with lines streaming from them all in one direction. I was amazed at how those lines made the little circular fish look like they were swimming. That is when I became aware of the power of lines in a drawing. In the abstract I paint today I continue to use the power of lines to create movement and interest in my paintings and drawings."

By age five she was painting with watercolors and  age seven she was given an Etcha  Sketch for her birthday. "The Etcha  Sketch was such a challenge to learn how to use. It was like drawing with a pen without being able to lift the pen for any reason.  Turning both knobs on the gadget at one time was the only way to create diagonal lines. Some lines had to be retraced to get to another area of the drawing.  I got good at it.  Later on in my adult life I drew one-liner drawings like Picasso's. Lines continue to be an important part of my work on canvas."


  A neighbor gave her a paint-by-number set at the age ten.  It was oil paint.  "I didn't like the slow pace of filling in the little shapes with paint so I discarded the guide sheet and painted it in my own way."


"When I was an eight year old I remember my parents buying a set of Encyclopedia Britannica and discovered the works of the masters. I was so taken by those wonderful sculptures and paintings  that I decided then that I wanted to learn to draw and paint like them."

Although Patty Rae has mastered the art of expressive realism  she enjoys the expressive and spontaneous  nature of  abstract painting. "I enjoy the physicality of oil paint. When I was a child my mother encouraged playing with art supplies. In fact, I was allowed to play outside in mud. I would build houses and carve out  roads and try to make lakes which never seemed to hold the water. Smearing paint around is much like playing in multiple colors of pigmented mud. I paint in many layers using mediums such as cold wax or Liquid  Impasto to build up texture. I use a multitude of tools to create texture or crevices in the paint. Working on several paintings at a time allows for the multiple layers and glazes that I add along the way.  When I scrape into the top layers the layers of color underneath are revealed. It's a very exciting process for me and I get lost in it for hours at a time."

Works on Display  Thursday January 16, 2020  Mozart Society Event 
Solo Exhibit  Monk's Coffee House   December 2019 - January 31, 2020
Invited TVAA "Ativism" Dallas, Texas  September 2019   Jonathan Carroll, Juror
Invited Fall Gallery Night 2019     In Ft Worth, Texas
Weiler House Fine Art Gallery    "Side by Side" With Walker Wellborn 
Invited Raw 1899 September Group Show    San Angelo, Texas
Accepted Precious Metals Show TVAA Gallery Dallas, Texas
Honorable Mention Curated by Ju Ju Bartosh 
Juror Lake Country Art Show   August 2019 Graham, Texas  
Honorable Mention  "Hot Child in the City" 2019

TVAA Gallery Dallas, Texas   Curated by Deborah Viestenz

Best in Show TVAA July 2019 Show "Expressions" TVAA Gallery   Curated by  Lina RinconDallas, Texas


Expressions  Solo Exhibition," Inquire Within”May 22nd -July 6th  2019

Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, Texas 

1st Place Ribbon  for "Procession" TVAA Gallery   May 2019 Show Dallas, Texas
Conclave of Color, Shape and Pattern Curated by Charles Wallis
Accepted 30th Anniversary Group Show April 2019
 Center for Contemporary Arts    Abilene, Texas
Solo Exhibit      Brownwood Art Center March 2019 Brownwood, Texas
Accepted 21st Annual Starts of Texas Show
2019      Brownwood, Texas       Curated by   Pat Gabriel
Accepted TVAA      Love and Hurt Show February 2019
TVAA Gallery Dallas, Texas
TVAA   New Member Show January 2019      TVAA Gallery   Dallas, Texas
Best of Show  "Winter" Curated by Milessa Murphy Stewart 
Downtown Gallery December 2018 Dallas, Texas 
Solo Exhibit Breckenridge Fine Arts Center   December/January Breckenridge, Texas
Solo Exhibit, Monks Coffee House November /December 2018   Abilene, Texas 
Accepted, Center for Contemporary Arts  National  Show   Curated by James Surls
Invited, Group Show "Untamed"​ Raw 1899 Gallery  San Angelo, Texas

Storybook Attic Show Center for Contemporary Arts   Kacy Latham, Curator

Juror, Young Masters Art Competition   Abilene, Texas 

Juror, Mc Murry Student Exhibition  Mc Murry University, Abilene, Texas

Juror, Group Exhibition    San Angelo Art Club  

Solo Exhibition, “Color in Motion” January 2019 Center for Contemporary  Arts

Abilene, Texas

Accepted 20th Annual Stars of Texas Annual Show Brownwood, Texas   Randy Bacon, Curator  


Solo Exhibition "Joyful Abstraction"Mike Lanier's Studio 13    Abilene, Texas

Solo Exhibition  Drawn to Abstraction

Raw 1899 Art Gallery     San Angelo, Texas

Panel of Women -  Abilene Women in The Visual Arts Celebration

Curators Talk by Judy Deaton     The Grace Museum, Abilene, Texas

Charles and Kay Beth Stavley Award 

19th Annual Stars of Texas Curated by Ben Sum     Brownwood, Texas  2017

19th Annual ​Stars of Texas Paint-Off       Best Overall

Brownwood,Texas    Curator Randy Bacon


Solo Exhibition, Patty Rae Wellborn     The Art Center, Brownwood, Texas

First Place Oil Lake Country Art Show and Honorable Mention   Graham, Texas

Accepted, Midland Arts Association Biennial Juried Exhibition

Museum of The Southwest, Midland, Texas

Accepted, National  Show     Breckenridge Fine Arts Museum

Breckenridge, Texas    Bill Ryan, Curator

Third Place, Oil on Canvas      San Angelo Art Club Annual Exhibition    San Angelo, Texas


Accepted, National Competition  Breckenridge Museum of Fine Arts

Breckenridge, Texas   Randy Meador, Juror 

Solo Exhibit, Recent Works of Patty Rae Wellborn

Amy Graves Fine Art Center, McMurry University,      Abilene, Texas

Award of Merit      6th Annual  National Fine Art Competition

Old Post Office Museum & Art Center, Graham, Texas     Tony Eubanks Juror


"Drawn Together"   Duo Exhibit  Patty Rae and Dub Wellborn

Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, Texas

Juror, Miniature Exhibition 

Sponsored by Ballinger Art Group Ballinger, Texas


Off Your Rocker Three-woman exhibition

with Terry Knight and Burgess Thomas

Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, Texas


Artist Member President 2008 and 2019

Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, TX 

 Creative Arts Club of Abilene, Tx

Texas Art Coalition

Texas Visual Arts Association

Juror West Texas Fair & Rodeo

Youth Fine Arts  throughout 1990's



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Article, Abilene Scene Magazine, Zachry Publications, April/May 2013

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I Like It When You Read to Me,    Children’s book by Glenn Dromgoole

Illustrations by Patty Rae Wellborn


1133 North 2nd Street Suite 102

Abilene, Texas 79606​